Vanish: A Firelight Novel

Vanish: A Firelight Novel - Sophie Jordan I was really excited for this book because Firelight leaves us in such promising ending. But again nothing worthy happens. There’s the Tamar’s thing and Jacinda back and forth feelings that really annoys me and ... that’s all! I kept waiting for something to develop, and about halfway through the book, the story got really promising. Again! Talks about the consistency of the author. Great start. and then boring. more boring. until the last page gets exciting again. then bam! Cliffhanger! there are too many chapters that wasted on Jacinda's thought, the thing she want to do, the sadness she felt and confusion to Will or Cassian thing. One thing, in my mind if Jacinda is so special with her fire-breathing and all the draki have training everyday why Jacinda is not so strong? I mean come to think of it she’s always depending to her 'boys' to protect her. Hello? Why try to use your fire thing and burn all the enemies! (I’ll bet Katsa can teach you how to be a true warrior without using your secret weapon.) At this point I was a bit tired of Jacinda but it’s not to say that I will not read the next book. I want to see how Tamra will do now she’s capable of something more. The ending was a cliffhanger; it ends right in the middle of some serious action that I pin up for so long in this series. Hope the next will live up than that.