Starcrossed  - Josephine Angelini Since the Trojan War, There are four different bloodlines of scions. The Furies are their curse. Vengeance is their cycle. I didn’t say I dint like it. It was just OK. Same old, same old. Find the hidden "TWILIGHT" [Drum roll] tada! There you are the.... "Starcrossed" Yep that’s right, reading Starcrossed was like reading twilight all over again except that there’s no prey-predator love or bloodsucking vampz war, instead there’s a recreating of Trojan War and adding some starcrossed love drama which by the way gives 10 points for "Starcrossed". The idea itself was so promising. I even get excited in the first part of the book where Helen and Lucas first met and their instinct of bloodlust. It keeps me thinking of how the story will flow. but yeah, after that It gets kind of flatly laid out that you can figure out what will happened next and the very twilight-ish didnt help this book rise its spotlight more. I mean come on, when you read this book you will definitely gonna recognize tons of 'IT' scenes and as a whole, it has a big T-W-I-L-I-G-H-T, written in bold, twilight font and silver color on it. However, other than all the iloveyoubutidontknowwhy, loveisdoomfromthebeggining, readyfightfight, characterunknown and lots of sidetracks, Angelini does a great job of building suspense and a bit of mysteries. This book is not that badly written as well though the line keep me bothered a lot especially the "look on her/his face" thing. Example: ...the sympathetic look on his face. ...with an incredulous look on her face. ...with a stunned look on her face. ...with a dreamy look on her face. ...with a disgusted look on her face. ...a bewildered look on her face. ...with a loving look on her face. ...with a hard look on her face. Why try "the shit look on her face"? haha kidding. Get my point? lots of unnecessary and repetitive details. Oh and the third person narration is confusing or I’m just really confused for reading 7 hours straight. [audio book disc 1] Well, I know I should love this because it’s like "you-know-what", but I don’t. I find it’s kind of weary; the over used book plot kind of weary.