Epic Fail

Epic Fail - Claire LaZebnik Reading this book in between The Iron Knight and Graceling felt like taking an extended summer vacation with a nice hot guy massaging my feet while sipping a sweet choco latte. Epic Yum! It was cute, sweet and charming. Or as cute as the cover can tell you. You don’t have to expect much in this book because if you did you might end up not liking it. It’s just simple girl-meets-boy with a bit of turns, that’s all. Epic Fail is an epic good break-time read. An adorable light read but completely forgettable. I literally can’t remember their names right now except for..... Derek. Aw my scrap memory gets more vapid I guess. But this book is great in its own way it’s just not that remarkable. Over all, simply written but pretty funny in bits. The characters chemistry is A-ok and it’s just relaxing to read it. A good start for the author for my opinion. Incidentally, I didn’t know that it’s based on Pride and Prejudice. I just realized it at the last page.