Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss  - Stephanie Perkins What if you find your prince charming in the most romantic city in the world? A perfect place and perfect timing for your perfect man. Oh maybe not so perfect. You see, what if the only problem is that he's already taken? Ouch! Here is everything I know about France: Madeline, Eiffel Tower, Baguettes and of course handsome boys. I’m Anna Oliphant aka Banana Elephant as my BFF called me and I’m currently here in this foreign country with their foreign language, totally alone and bloody miserable. Well, not that miserable because hello I’m in P-A-R-I-S. The city of lights and all. I’m actually thrilled being here if I’m not forced by my 'Nicholas-Sparks- look-alike' Dad who wants me to study here… HERE! Living in Paris is not the same thing as being a tourist in Paris! Being shipped off to a boarding school and leaving my almost perfect life back HOME. Just perfect! Thankfully I met Meredith, the sweet girl who talks to me from the first day and her friends; Josh and Rashmi, they are couple who are completely absorbed with each other. If I will put their relationship into three short words they are 'hot and cold' or 'cat and dog'. Josh is more like a silent type person, silent not shy. He's drawings are way wicked I guarantee. As for Rashmi well she’s not the most likeable person or she just don’t like me that I don’t like her as well. She’s not that bad as long as she didn’t give me hard times. And Etienne St. Clair an English American French masterpiece, utterly charming and gorgeous. From the way I described him Am I that obvious that I have a major crush on him? Gosh! I know that he has a girlfriend but I hope she don’t mind sharing eh. LOL. Ok I just made up that last part. I just want to end this review. The adrenaline of making a review is wearing off so I have to finish this before it happened. haha I don’t usually review a book as soon as I read it. It takes me days, weeks or months until I totally forgot what I read and just leave it as it is. But see? I’m completely in love with the book that I can’t stop making a review about it. Well, I love it even if its common and a bit of predictable. You can read horror novels, thrillers, paranormals, and other types but Romance will always make you happy, no matter the day. Sure, some parts lagged and some scenes seemed a bit overdone, I did not even get swept up in its pages and it was nothing ground-breaking about it but Stephanie Perkins crafts a cute, light and utterly enjoyable story and that was enough to love this book.