Hex Hall Book One

Hex Hall  - Rachel Hawkins Witches, Vampires, Magic... Welcome to Freak High. I have to start by saying that I’m kind of taken aback when I first saw this book (and the overview didn’t help either). Witches, faeries, shapeshifters and vampire? Talks about some kind of a bad comics about freaks. Everyone I know has been raving about it, but I still didn't have any plans to read it even if I have an eBook of it. Then I went to a bookstore and saw this book at a very low price. So I just grab it and the next thing I know I can’t put it down. Hex Hall is one of the funniest books I’ve read in a long time. It was like I’m Sabrina in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch TV series only without the talking cat and the sometimes-annoying-relatives. Sophie is a huge dork and the source of most of the humor, her sarcastic and witty barbs will leave you in stitches. I assure though it is so light read that there no enough depth in the characters that will pass in my amazing-that-I-can’t-forget-it-till-I-die bookshelf. nah~ Let me just give you a perfect drink (that I made) while reading this book that will definitely set the mood: "Alcoholic Spells" Name: Bloody "Hex Hall" Mary (cocktail) Glassware: old fashioned "demon"glass Ingredients: 3 strands of your 3 frenemeis Black Witches 2 gig blood sucked by your Vampire best friend A dash of drop-dead handsome Warlock's saliva 1 teaspoon of grated Fairy dust 'thingie' 1 teaspoon clipped nails of Werewolfs And a bottle of 'Hysterical' vodka Directions: Mix all ingredients in a 'monstermash' blender except to the werewolf’s nails. Pour it into a glass, add some ice, garnish with clipped nails of werewolf (for chunks) then serve. Nothing better than a gross Bloody Mary... cheers! haha