Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls)

Shiver  - Maggie Stiefvater Breathtaking, Emotional, And Shivering... I love every page of Shiver. The idea and the premise is fascinating – I love Ms. Stiefvater’s take on the mythos of the werewolf, with the gradual transformation from human to wolf forever in winter. The new presentation of werewolf mythology appealed to me. I liked that they were real wolves instead of some kind of slavering, moon-crazed creatures. and I also cannot deny that Ms. Stiefvater’s descriptions are lovely, and her prose evocative. Actually I listening(audiobook) to it while reading(book) it, so feel like i was really in there. I was struck by how eloquently this book was written. Stiefvater wields her words with style. There were so many phrases that I read over and over, just because I loved the images and the way they sounded. The point of view switches back and forth between Grace and Sam. This is a device I’m not always a fan of, but I think it really works here. The book wouldn't have been as good, or as gripping, without hearing the inner thoughts of both characters. Grace's longing to keep Sam, and her determination to find a cure couples nicely with Sam's determination to do the right thing, despite how much he wants to stay with Grace. The combination gives the story as a whole a sort of haunting melancholy that I absolutely loved. And there are a lot of scenes that you would giggle for. It seemed a little over-dramatic (somethimes) but i like it. There are some pages that made me cry, and the ending REALLY is AMAZING!!! I think its because of the last part where i just listen to the audiobook, closed eyes and imagining the scene. And then background music came, and i was like OMG! and then cry a little. whaaaa! I know that Ms. Stiefvater compose that song, and i love it. I think the tittle of song is "The Golden Wood" and its super fit the book. So, in summary, I highly recommend this book!