Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson Absuplendous EPIC!!! with awesome adventure and wicked cool sounds (Ok so I downloaded some songs that mention here while reading this and tell you what! It grows on me!!!! Its like Im also in there detour. haha) Finding one's self is never an easy thing to do. All of us have things that we have come here to work on. Unfortunately and fortunately, most us have past lives, which we also must deal with. And one of them is Amy and Roger. there stuck in their past -her father and his (ex) girlfriend. Amy has spent the last month alone in California after her dad dies and her mom decides it's time to make a change. Her brother is away in rehab and her mom leaves Amy in California to finish out her junior year of high school. Since her father's death, Amy has retreated into herself and lets no one in. When her mom springs it on her that she has to take a cross-cross trip with a boy she hasn't seen in years, she's more than a little annoyed. That is, until she sees him - he's hot! Amy's mom has the whole trip planned out for them, stopping in the most boring places you could imagine for a road trip. So Amy and Roger decide to take a little detour. As they make their way across the country, their little detour becomes bigger than either of them had planned on. Their road trip becomes more of a journey to self-healing for both of them and I felt so connected with Amy by the end that I was sad to let her go. The plot of Amy & Roger's Epic Detour was definetly epic (did I just said that?). I love road trips. I found the book to road trip to be very awesome, very sweet, touching, and posistive. A fantastic debut that was just so amazing. I honestly didn't know what to suspect when I read this book, but quickly feel in love with Matson's presentation of this book. I loved everything about it. The title and the cover really capture the feel and themes of the book. Other little things about the book that I enjoyed, was the inclusion of the music playlists that the pair listened to during their days in the car, and the photos and souvenirs they picked up along the way. It made it a more personal experience to see those artifacts of their friendship growing and the way they both were feeling during different parts of the journey. Theres so much in this book that left said and heartfelt. And at the ending of their audacity adventure, its not really the end but the begining of their life on another road to explore.