Devoured - Amanda Marrone When they were only seven years old, Megan’s twin sister, Remy, died in a car accident that left their father in a coma. Since Megan has been haunted by Remy’s ghost. But lately, Remy has been showing up more frequently. And what’s really chilling is the vision Remy keeps showing her: a girl dressed as Snow White lying in the forest with her heart ruthless carved out of her chest. To Trust, or Not to Trust Megan doesn’t know what to make of Remy’s visions. But right now, she has bigger fish to fry. She recently quit her job at a bookstore to work at Land of Enchantment, a corny amusement park where the smiles are fake and the mottos are cheesy. She didn’t just apply for this job to be closer to her boyfriend of one month, Ryan. Her main purpose in changing summer jobs was to keep an eye on Samantha, Ryan’s so-called best friend (who just happens to be extremely attractive and in love with Ryan). A Common Ground On her first day at Land of Enchantment, Megan meets Luke, a fellow employee with a shared talent: he can see spirits. He sees Remy’s distress and wants to help Megan as best he can. Unfortunately, their immediate connection is intercepted by Ari, the park owner’s daughter who has been in love with Luke for years. Ari befriends Megan, and tries to keep her away from Luke. Unfortunately for Ari, Megan need’s Luke’s help. REVIEW At first I have no idea whats the story of this because I only have the e book of this. And when I read the first pages im kinda curious of whats really the story of this because at first the story is snow white with the twist and so its find me fascinating. its nothing what I expected, like other para normals. I like this story because its connect to my all time fav grim fairy tales - snow white story. Its just the other character- except Remy, Sam and Ari- are kinda dull for me, even Luke and Nicki. Not great not wost but good!