Sweethearts - Sara Zarr I just finished reading this book and I'm kinda sleepy now but ill try my best to have a good review, because this deserve it. :) Its the first book I read by Sara and I don't know what to expect to this one, but It turn out to be super good and I liked it. Jenna is always pretending, hiding her real self to other and its start when Cameron died or just she think that he died. He's her only friend when they are young, they are like out cast or loser to their old school and they spent most of their time with each other. Then, somethings happened blah blah... and after 8 years they meet again and a lot more happened. (I will not tell you the whole story ;P) She struggle a lot of emotion and I feel it, even though I don't know what its like to have a past like her. Even though the writing is not that good, i mean the author just write it, nothing special but when you read it you would really feel what the character feels. She really know how to put reader in big emotion.