A Stranger in the Mirror

A Stranger in the Mirror - Sidney Sheldon I didn’t quiet remember what I liked with this book except that I cried to the uber tragedy romantic ending scene. Yeah! Well I’m just 12 when I read it. And you probably are wondering why I read this kind of book at that early age. So I’ll give you the short version of why this book landed in my hand at the age of 12: Me: we have book report in English. Do you have novel books? Uncle: none. I’ll just get you one from my friend Me: Okay. [After few hours.] Uncle: here. [Gave me the book] it’s the only book that I got. Me: thanks. There you go. Back then I’m not yet aware with the uh! ah! But thanks to this my wide eyes became wider. LOL Why I liked it: Pity with the girl. Sweet revenge I cry And cry And cry... Why I didn’t: I’m now afraid going Hollywood. Kidding. LOL TOO vulgar Never liked the other characters except Toby and Jill. Not recommended to 14 below. [Rocks landing to my direction.....bang!] [They said that this is typical Sheldon's work so this might be the first and last book Ill read by him.] Just stick with what I felt with last six years. But If I reread this I’ll probably will not have the same rate that I give it now.