Jinx - Meg Cabot Another fabulous read by Meg Cabot. I start reading this book about few weeks ago and I just stop reading this because there are new book I've got that holds more my attention, it got lost and just yesterday I found it under my bed. (haha lazy much?) So anyway, I finished it few minutes ago and it was fantastic. From the cover to the writing style, and the story went on. I super enjoy reading it even though it takes a lot of pages before I appreciate the whole book. And the ending. Its perfect! They all have a happy ending and you know how I feel about happy endings right? haha I just hope that theres more in it. I mean more scene of Jean and Zach. you know more romantic stuff but its OK the story of it is really about the witch thing or magics. So the story of it is Jean Honeychurch (if you dont want any spoilers if you didnt read it yet, its cool with me), also known as "Jinx" -cool nickname huh?, the descendant of a witch, must leave Iiowa to live with relatives in Manhattan after the first spell she casts goes awry, but she will have to improve her skills to stop her cousin from practicing black magic that endager them and the boy(which is Zach) they both like. And thats it. I enjoy it. super love Meg Cabot but as far as I read of her novels. The Mediator is still better and the Princess Diaries of course. :)