Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

Flipped - Wendelin Van Draanen I just fell in love with it and its simplicity and innocence. This book struck me with its adorably cute, light-hearted romance and wholesomely philosophy, I mean sort of philosophy. Well just seeing the cover and reading the back details of the book, you'll immediately assume that its just your typical boy-meet-girl puppy love story- cute and severely simple. Ooh, don't that things fool you. Yes, it is cute. Yes, its quiet amusing that they understand things at early ages, in short, they are darn smart [esp, Juli] and yes it is a good story with great voice and meaning. The whole 'sum of its parts' is the core of the book and the author emphasis and explain it clearly that if you want to read this by kids, they definitely gonna understand whats the meaning if it and what the whole books saying to you. And the voices of two narrators are lovable with its humor. It gives different perspective of what they see from each other, the way he describe her and the way she describe him. I thought that its gonna end at its bitter-sweet way but no, the ending is kind of . . . perfect. I'm not saying that its satisfy my want to see what will they become after that. Its just perfect in its ending of new 'sum of its parts' ways they truly see each other [and the sycamore tree that Bryce planted for Juli. sweet!]