Taming the Beast: A Novel (P.S.)

Taming the Beast - Emily Maguire When your sexually abused at the age of fourteen by a half genius -half psycho pedophilic, what the bloody hell will you do? Will you run the hell out and call a police, keep it to yourself and have a psychological trauma about it or accept things and be addicted with it? We all have a choice what path will we take, there’s no destiny or fate but choice and free will. You’re now in that place because that’s the one you have chosen. And hypothetically the course of action is to always take the easy way out. Ironically, Sarah ended up that way or she think she is. Taming the beast is disturbing in a way of things that should been because it doesn't take the easy way out and appalling in a way that I surely won’t understand the obsessive-compulsive characteristics of Emily's world have. However, despite those things, the crappy cover, the nearly every page sex scenes and the masochism "things" in it. I find it meaningful and have redemption in patches. I will admit; it’s not just a simple tale of sexual abuse or a typical pornography novel for me. I’m totally surprise of how the story was 'ugh hmm' decently written, and the 'find-the-sexual-tension-part-of-a-literature-book' things (view spoiler) give this book more superior than any other erotic books inside out. Now, let’s go to the negative parts of my feelings toward the book. The concept is interesting and half way through it, some of the characters took my heart away. [Especially Jamie] However, the last pages were a big disappointing. It’s like having a whiplash for a sudden and then 'puff' its gone. And the Sarah and Daniel increasing sexual violence is what I called "competedious" - Completely compelling at first to completely repetitive that I find it’s tedious.