Wake (Wake Series, Book 1)

Wake (Wake Series, Book 1) - Lisa McMann A girl who was getting sucked into other people’s bad dreams? Very intriguing! And others 'wet' dreams? Talk about voyeurism. Yikes! I felt like I’m in a bad reception misty nightmare all the way through. Um. Not exactly 'nightmare'. More on, bad reception misty 'monotone dream'. Yeah, that’s it. The third-person narration didn’t help me get involved to the story. I don’t like how its written. I dunno of its bad writing or it is just dang choppy that the writing drove me insane. It took me a while to wrap myself to the simplistic sentence that the author engage. But then I got hooked up to the story and didn’t pay attention to that anymore. I gotta admit, it’s a good story. Fast pace, dark, mystery but not that hardcore paranormal. Though there are other things that I find disturbing. Like the 1. easy acceptance of other people in her [Janie] unknown abilities, that they will hire her as undercover narc along with her boyfriend who have other weird dark secret, 2. the solution-to-all-mystery-happens-to-you-is-the-library and the other things. Well I don’t buy it. There are lots of great thing in this book. But, there are also lots of questionable things in here that is hard for me not to notice and contented with. Overall, the book falls onto the category of well conceived but questionably executed. The vague descriptions all contributed to the dreamlike quality of the book. However, what didn’t work well was the lack of details and back story that will support to the ongoing story. I’ll just ignore the sentence structure if I’ll read the other two books of this series. Hope it gets better.