Divergent - Veronica Roth You know your reading a good book when you’re completely wrap up of their world building. Well, 'Divergent' have them. Smooth moves! Veronica open a new futuristic Chicago with five factors - Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent) That divides the people according to where they belong or choose to belong with.... And there’s an aptitude test that will help them to decide what factor they fit in. ...but Beatrice has a problem, her test result is different. Truly one of the best book I read this year. And it’s my second dystopian book read, after [the much epicness] hunger games trilogy. Even if they are MUCH alike, from the beginning like with the so called "choosing ceremony", the brutality scenes, the survival in pain way, the Factionless-like-District 13' (view spoiler), and the 'Kat'/'Tris' bravery and one-of-a-kind protagonist character. Let’s not compare them shall we? I don’t have problem with the comparison of THG and Divergent. It’s been a while I feel like the book is eating me with its top-notch worldbuilding and the adrenaline-pumping scenes. It rocks the hell out of me. Like what I felt while reading the Hunger Games trilogy, no scratch that - THG is better. However this book might have a chance to be out of hunger games shadow. It depends to the author’s brilliancy, I guess. For me Katniss is better but Tris is more real. We saw her grow up in the story or let just say unleashed what’s really inside her. She's weak and strong at the same time, and like what Four or what the other name is? Oh yeah, [bleeh] Tobias said her fear doesn't shut her down; it wakes her up. She's so much more than she ever even knew she was, which is makes her more real. And for the writing? It’s a great experience! Ms Veronica write with demented vivid scenes, It have an eerie feeling that your own adrenaline will accelerate to its full blown scale. The only flaws of the book are it focuses more in the excruciating insane tests than the real problem is. There are so many characters that died in unnecessary way, there are so much actions that I don’t feel really attached to the characters. Yes, they are great characters but not that compelling. And the Four-Tris romance was cute but not like the "Noooo Peeta!" sweet painful way. All in all, Divergent is a great dystopian, action-packed, with right amount of mystery that will intrigued you, and uhhm what else? Just read it so you'll know. :D