The Last Song

The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks One word... A-mazing!!! This is totally gonna go to my reread shelf and Nicholas Sparks is surely my new favorite author. I know, I know he's a great author. I hear a lot of his works are soul gripping and worth 5 stars giving. But I never expected it to be like this, all the scenes are important and i love every pages of it. This is the first book I read by Sparks and I'm surely planning to read other of his works like "The Notebook" (ohh! super love the movie of this) and "A Walk to Remember". I finished this just a couples of hours and after that I watch the movie in CD. And it was bad. I mean the movie is good but if you compere it to books. Nah! not a chance. And Miley doesn't suit to Ronnie's character, I cant even imagine Ronnie's face as Mileys. And so many good scenes that is cut out. Books really are better than movies.(Reminder if you will read this book, try not to watch the movie after or you'll regret it, it will just give you a bad memory to the book.) Anyway, enough of the movie. The copy I have of this, is audiobook, so I start listening to this before I drifted off to sleep and when I hear the narrators voice, I was like "Holly crap, she's sounded like Miley Cyrus" and take note: In full alert, like my whole nervous system was in awaken by that. Her tone when she's says sarcastic or snappy lines or even when she's just using her regular voice. She really sounded like her. Anyways, I just like her voice -both of them (Scott Sowers and Pepper Binkley). They give more live to the book. I mean the book it self plus the narrators is perfect combination. And of course the sound effect is also perfect -Every important scenes in the book have music on it that makes the the scene more realistic. So in short I love the audiobook. And in the book, the writing is simple but full of words and emotion. You'll find yourself caught up between the pages. And also crying in half way to the end of it. Super love the story. :)