Finale (Hush, Hush)

Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick The best comparison for this book is Twilight, just without the vampires. What you have here are all of the essential elements for a good YA Fiction Mystery/Paranormal novel. You’ve got the strong heroine who pushes fear aside to search out the truth. Nothing is better than a gorgeous angel to fall in love with (even if his wings have fallen off). There are situations all around Nora that only she can see and decipher. What’s missing? An ending that you can feel good about. But, there’s good reason for that. this book is obviously the first of a series. There has to be more story in the next saga! What’s there? Unlike Twilight, you don’t have the vampire aspect to the story. But what you do have is a girl who’s fallen in love with an angel named Patch. Because he’s an angel, Patch cannot feel any physical sensations. He can, however, feel the full extent of human emotions. What he’s left with is the desire for something more in a physical connection, however he possesses the love, compassion and logic to know that it would be a waste for him to take it any farther. He cannot, after all, feel any of the physical sensations resulting from the intimacy. In his love for Nora, he knows to look out for her and protect her.