Dedication - Nicola Kraus; Emma McLaughlin This book really intrigued me from first time i saw it and the plot really sounds great and a fun light read. but there's a part of me says that its a not a great book at the same time it is. I have a lot of things that i don't want about this book. . First is that its a slow pace and I didn't feel myself sinking in the book which I mostly felt toward them. Second is the characters, almost all of them -from the main characters to their friends- seemed like they were stuck at age 13 and couldn't move beyond their immaturity. and Last is the extreme wrap up of happenings. There are a lot to be said that the authors just fast pace them so the story seemed abrupt and undeveloped. (Its like one minute their talking in beach and the second their in bed!) what? Anyway, despite all of that it is also a good book. Dedication is split in 2 parts - you have one chapter from the "today" Kate and then one chapter that is from Kate's past. The entire book goes on like this, alternating views. which i find interesting but kind of annoying! As you read each little past section, you get a little more incite into the story. It was sort of fun, as you put pieces together as you went, learning more about each character. Overall, its nice! Even if i really don't want this book, I'm extremely want to keep going and find out what happens next. (don't ask me why coz that the effect of the book to me) And there are funny flashbacks from their past to adolescence but the best part is the ending. So I will give this 3 instead of 2.