Blacklisted (Teen Alien Huntress, Book 2)

Blacklisted - Gena Showalter Thrillingly dangerous, Deliciously seductive packed with intense actions. Why am I always reading some books not in order? I know this is not a continuation story but in the first book of YA alien huntress there are some characters that also in here and I wanted to read so badly. This is fast reading novel for me, one minute I started reading the second I already finished it. I never have expect anything in this book, I thought that its just other books of paranormal-dark-seduction and the first book I read by Ms. Showalter is the Catch a Mate which is you know -more for adult. Yep, it have some romantic scenes that is considered as really for our ages (without the super cheesy stuff). And there's a lot of ACTION too. (I cant believe I have taste for reading sci-fi books with ACTION, until now!) Anyway, Blacklisted is about 18-years-old Camille Diane Robin. She and her friend go to night club with there sizzling-hot outfits to snag the attention of their crushes. Erik the human and Silver (Oh! I love the name!) the alien. Until Camille discovered something about Erik that stuck them in running and fighting with A.I.R (Alien Investigation and Removal agents). This is super cool book. First sci-fi book i read. I super love the characters. Camille's cowardliness to stronger version of herself. And Erik! his totally gorgeous plus the sweet things he'd done to Camille and the poor aliens. oh, I might swoon over him. (Just read this add you'll see what I'm taking about) I love the way how Ms. Showalater make the story amazing with alien can come and go to our planet, some are oxygen-tolerant aliens some are not (super important to the story), and like humans, some are good some are bad. Its like the aliens here are not that powerful as I thought -you know with the "Were here to dominate to your planet, humans. All of you are gonna be our slaves. whahaha!" something like that. haha And of course, the cool gadgets and the CAR. I love the car that the author makes in here. It was awesome. (I wish someday ill have a car like that) Blacklisted is action-packed fast-paced breathtaking paranormal that you'll surely gonna love as I did. Surely Ill give this a big 5 stars. :)